High Intensity Discharge (HID) unit armed with higher electronic technology  is gradually replacing halogen lamp in  car market, not within the luxury sector. HID unit uses xenon gas to produce more light although it dissipates  less power. Therefore driver's safety is improved at night with  lower power consumption, higher light output and much longer life.

IFTIM HID lamps can replace halogen lamps on any car model,such as H1,H3,H4,H7 as well as 9004,9005,9006,9007 etc.IFTIM provides a wide selection of  color temperature from 4200K to 12000K.

Engineers in IFTIM have an eye for making HID conversion kit. Every single lamps are examined at IFTIM's factory. So reliability and quality are controlled in the process of manufacturing HID conversion kit.

IIFTIM provides high quality, high performance automotive HID lamp for customer's demand with more competitive price.

HID Conversion Kit

HID conversion kit is composed of HID bulb, ballasts, and wiring harness that used to retrofit the conventional halogen headlamp system into the HID xenon headlamp system.

IFTIM provides HID lamps, ballasts basically. In addition to these main item, power cables, brackets, double-sided tape, tie-wrap etc are included. And installation manual, warranty are also provided .




Color Temperature

HID xenon lamp have a variety of color temperature. The higher the color temperature of the lamp is, the light color is seemed to be more bluish. On the contrary, the lower the color temperature is, the light color looks more reddish or yellowish. The color temperature of 4000K to 8000K is generally used on civil vehicles. The lamp with the color temperature of more than 8000K takes the small portion of the market because the higher color temperature is, the total brightness is decreased. The color spectrum similar to the xenon lamp color is shown below.


Lamp Socket Type

One who wants to convert the halogen lighting system into HID lighting system should be aware of the lamp type. The HID lamp type should be selected as to agree with the halogen lamp type. It is important to notice that if the lamp type is not correct, installation may be impossible, even you may spoil the HID lamp.

H4 (H / L)

Selection Guide of the HID lamp

If you decide to substitute the HID lamp for the halogen lamp, the color temperature of the HID lamp should be selected in the first place. The color temperature of 4000K to 6000K is reasonable for the night drive or better sight. And the 8000K is recommended as its bluish look.
As the second stage, the lamp socket type should be selected. Refer to the lamp type table according to your car. Contact the expert or garage if you don't know what type of the lamp is in your own car.



  • Excellent lamp wattage regulation over wide range of  input voltage: 9 to 16VDC

  • Quick starting in both cold and hot restrike conditions

  • Extremely fast “run-up” of lamp output:
       -Cold start: 60% output in (4) seconds
       -Hot restrike: 50% output in (1) second

  • Safety Shutdown Feature:
    Shuts-off  within (1) second if no start or if output is shorted.

  • Excellent humidity resistance-fully potted

  • Superior solid state ignitor design

  • Small size/lightweight

  • Radiated and conducted emission meet CISPR D/Class3

  • Passed all of relevant environmental tests

Nominal Input Voltage
14.0 VDC (12V battery)
Input voltage range
9.0 to 16.0VDC
Input Power(steady state)
< 46W
Input Current(steady state)
6A @ 9V; < 4A @14V
Input Current-(starting)
<20 A
Output Power
35± 2W
Nominal Lamp Voltage
Lamp Frequency
250 Hertz Square Wave
Ignition Pulse Voltage
23KV± 3KV
Safety Shutdown:
   -No start
   -Low Input Volt.

YES (<1 sec.)
Min. Start Temperature
Max. Case Temperature
Max. distance from
power supply to inverter
2.5 m (8 feet)
Max. lead resistance
(including wire & terminals)
50 milliohms
Lamp-Open Circuit Operation
Shutdown Mode
Lamp-Short Circuit Operation
Shutdown Mode

Installation Guide

The ballast is a essential part of the HID convesion kit to ignite and control the arc in the lamp. Therefore the output of the ballast is connected to the HID lamp and the input of the ballast is connected to the battery. To retrofit the halogen system to the HID lamp system, use the existing power connector in the lamp housing to feed the ballast, that is, the existing source in the lamp housing can be connected to the ballast's input instead of connecting the ballast's input to the battery directly. Installation diagram is shown left.



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